Match report: Raiders 1 – 0 Sa*nts

Friday the 24th of March was the clash of the titans; Raiders versus Sa*nts. To our and the Sa*nts liking the game took place in the evening with nice chilly weather compared to usual hot Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Although called derby, clash of titans, the game between the two biggest rivals in Saigon, long history, etcetera, the Sa*nts were not playing their part.

It was a one-sided match with the Raiders attacking and trying to squeeze in a goal and the Sa*nts defending as if their lives depended on it. Rarely the Sa*nts got a chance, commonly from free kicks unrighteously given by the ref. Although the Raiders were in attacking (read: raider) mode few chances were created and it turned out to be game that would be decided by a one goal difference.

Luckily, that goal was made by the Raiders. Our Frenchman Mr. Nicolai geniously put the ball behind the net, while making his signature schwalbe, a get out of jail free card in case the ball would not go in. Along the sideline there was some confusion among the substitutes about who scored the goal, but this was later cleared up 😉

After an earlier 3-0 win on the Sa*nts pre-season, the Raiders yet again take the trophy home by beating the Sa*nts 1-0. I guess being a Sa*nt does not always pay off. Raiders till I die! And remember… Never trust the Germans. And congrats on Andy for MOTM!

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