Match report – Raiders 3 – 1 Nam An

Admittedly, writing a match report three weeks after a game has been played adds a certain challenge to the task… What was the score? Who the hell played? How on earth did I end up writing this match report, the answer to that question still eludes me!

Raiders Vs Nam An

The TET holiday usually disrupts things out here in Vietnam and so it was nice to see many faces return to squad selection and from injury. The break helped to give yours truly the time to rehab an injured ankle, Andy’s chocolate knee looked like he had been on the leg weights again and back ready for action;


More exciting news, there was one other squad member whose body was on the beginning of a lifestyle transformation….


Should anyone be looking to experience the same results they should speak to Scotts personal trainer. The build-up to the match commences with Raiders having a once again large squad, supported as always by lads out on the side. A big shout out going to Captain Olly for showing his face, its never easy being on the sidelines watching and so it was great to see him there and everyone will be hoping to hear him directing on the pitch soon.

Raiders lined up for the game in a 4-4-2 formation, Mirko in his usual spot hoping for that clean sheet and for a sturdy center half pairing, we shall discuss such pairing later! Ohashi, Daniel Vo, Jerry and Jamie made up the back 4. In front Vincent the steam train and Nico on the wings. Scott and Mick starting in the middle with Hogg and Rick up top. The squad strong as ever had Collin Owens, Aron, Andy, Ben, Wouter and Pat all ready on the side. Pats beard was a blight on the eyes, the kind of garish that could make a man weep simply through prolonged exposure.

As for the game, it was raiders who drew first blood within the first 5 minutes of the game. Some good work from Vincent on the wing brought a free kick. Nam An decide to empty the box as the ball was crossed in by a raider which left Hogg an easy half volley past a bewildered keeper. 1-0 Raiders.

Chances were presenting themselves for raiders with several players coming close after several waves of quick breaks. It seems like all the chasing chickens in the yard were paying off for Scott, his usual tomato red face was more similar to salmon pink. Mick however was industrious as ever, has anyone seen this man break sweat?!

Nam An failed to trouble Raiders at the back and so it was no surprise when Vincent popped up with a header to give Raiders a 2 goal advantage. When quizzed about his header, Vince said he has been visualizing this moment all week, practicing them in his bedroom with tennis balls. Such dedication. Danny Vo on the other hand must have been attending Kung Fu lessons all week as some of his challenged resembled WWE dropkicks. When shouting ‘volley it Dan’ he did that, volleying the player and getting himself a yellow card in the process.

The second half played out with not much to report – from ones memory. Mick did skew a pass out for a throw in. Nico steady as ever. Scott always seemed so far away in the distance. Jerry and Jamie mopped up at the back. Mirko barked order from the back… ** Mirko stood at the back. Subs then flew onto the pitch with Ben doing his usual jig with several deft flicks, Aron took an elbow to the face – lucky for him the dentist GF Lisa soon tended to his tonsils as way of rehabilitation. Andy was present on pitch. Collin Owens replaced Danny Vo and played out a back-line dance with Jerry and Jamie. Wouter was at the ready for his goal to game ratio to continue and Pat ‘I am really fast guys, honest’ was to brign blistering past down the sides.

As far as the second half goes, Wouter dispatched a chance well to get on the score sheet. The raven was running around causing trouble and creating chances again. Vince continued to bomb up and down the wing, and it was he who got his second of the game. Vince did go close again only to be stopped at the near post by the keeper to prevent the hatrick. A deserved MOM was handed out after the game for his solid performance in the new position.

Coach Colin kindly rotated the squad well… under no pressure from any Raiders players. Such a gent. Such a coach. Somehow his decision to do this was interpreted as a sign of weakness with Hogg taking the fall and receiving the turkey. Such cruelty from his team mates. We should mention the gift of a goal that prevented the clean sheet. Jamie or Jerry… you decide?! Confusion between the two, maybe one of them can shed some light on what happened.

All in all it was a good performance from Raiders, in previous years Nam An would be a sturdy test but the strong start certainly took away any momentum they could build up and were comfortable winners.

Over and out.




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