Match report: Raiders 1 – 1 Chu Van An

The Raiders played a match on Saturday March 4th 2017.  The starting 11 was Aron and Wouter up front, Pat, Luke, Craig, and James in the midfield, and Pete, Jerry, Vincent and Nano at the back.  The raiders also had Huy in net.  The bench was Hoggy, Sean, Scott, Must, and Nicolas.  Big shout out to Mic and Daniel Vo for not coming and giving us all a bit more time.  Cheers guys.

The opponent for the day was Saigon FC.  They were a good team but nothing special.  One strong player in the midfield, number 8.

The Raiders were up against a formidable opponent but an even more formidable referee.  Maybe formidable in a different way though.  In all my years (3) of playing with the Raiders I’ve seen some bad referees, this was the worst.  Didn’t help that we were playing the home team from the pitch.  Cheers to the team for keeping calm and pulling out a 1-1 draw when we played against 14 men (one referee and two linesmen).  All of who didn’t really know how to play football much less stay on two feet without whining.

Saigon FC scored first.  I think it was a decent goal but I’m not really sure as I drank entirely too much following the game and most of it is lost for me.  They opponent played a lot of long balls and the wing backs Vincent and Nano dealt with them well.

Hoggy drew us even after being on the pitch for roughly 2 minutes and 36 seconds.  Slicing his way through the defense with what looked like touches way too far ahead of him he slid the ball past the keeper to get the raiders on the scoreboard.

Turkey moment happened in the second half when number 8 got a handful of my cock and balls while trying to shield me from the ball.  To which I responded with an appropriate body slam WWF style.  I guess the 100% pass completion and the two chances created were overlooked, oh well.

Congratulations on Mus for winning man of the match.  He played in the game and didn’t get a yellow card.

Overall good result for only having 20% possession and playing against an extremely biased referee.

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