Raiders 4-0 CVA Select


I have apparently the honor to write this report as MOTM and Turkey, something that hasn’t happened before in Raiders history. Not sure if that’s good or bad but what the hack, first MOTM performance.

The game was Saturday afternoon 14:30 kick off, the weather was good, not to hot and all Raiders where eager and ready to put in a solid performance. Coach Collin had his usual game plan with his famous 3-5-2 strategy. Coach gave clear instructions about how to play and let the ball go around, backs out wide when bi has the ball.

In goal we had Bi.

The back three consisted of Jerry, Olly and Aaron.

Midfield made up by Pat, Jon, Mike, Nico and Ohashi

The Dutch tandem Rick and Myself.

Originally I was not in the starting 11 but Clemens didn’t show up on time and Collin decided to let me step in up, which didn’t turn out to bad.

The game started slow, according to Collin we had a lack of patience and wanted to play the ball forward to quick. Despite this Raiders did create some scoring opportunities after a few good combinations. Mike scored the first goal and he lobbed the ball as calm and composed over the goalie as Mayweather was handling has last boxing match.

Half time came and Collin gave his comments and expected more from the Raiders.

Second half we played with more patience let the ball do the work. Chu Van An boys didn’t have too much to bring into the game and started to look tired. Remember your fitness boys, once a week will not get you fit! Jon scored a great header, Clemens intercepted a pass in shot in and I scored a tap in the last second of the game. Just minutes before I missed for open goal from the 5 yard box, hit the inside of the post and the ball went out of the goal, a well deserved Turkey. Thanks for your trust and had my make up my miss Mike.

Solid performance with some decent combinations, keep this up.

Cheers Boys.

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