Raiders 8-0 Ky Hoa Select

Dear Raiders,

Let me show you how to write a match report on time. (ahem, Dan, Craig, Ben, Edwin, Nano, ahem)

Raiders had a match against Ky Hoa Select. The match was played at Su Van Hanh st in district 10 of Ho chi minh City. The Raiders started in an new formation that put Jerry, Nano, and Nicolas at the back. (side note, Pete was supposed to start but he went to CVA instead of Ky Hoa, what an idiot). In the midfield was Craig, Rich and John. Slightly ahead of Craig, Rich, and Jon was Pat (MOTM) and Ben. The strikers were the Dutch duo Clem and Edwin,

So yeah this wasn’t much of a match, Raiders got the early lead with Ben taking a nice first touch and slotting it past the keeper to go up 1-0. From there God only knows the succession of events that lead to the Raiders creating a 4-0 lead at half time and finally an 8-0 victory.

The goal scorers are as follows:


Clem (2)

Pat (2)




Other notable moments:

Pete and Mike went to the wrong pitch. Despite Colin’s 14 emails and six different ways to sign up for the match, they couldn’t seem to get it right. Pete eventually made his way to the pitch but Mike was nowhere to be found. Still haven’t seen him since the meeting on Wednesday. He definitely didn’t play Saturday.

Hoggy took a dive in the first half and screamed like a little girl. The ref played advantage and it was a definite foul but we should all put Hoggy on the shortlist for an Academy Award this year. Perhaps “Best Supporting Actor” will suit him.


Craig had a great game in the center of the park breaking up play and closing down their attacking players. At one point doing his best Karate Kid impression he nearly dismembered the opposing team’s oldest player. Though if you don’t pay your dues this season you could very well be “dismembered” from the Raiders as well.

Their keeper was 60 years old and played like it. Good on him for making a save during the match. Hoggy made it really easy on him by passing it right to his feet on a breakaway late in the second half. Some call this “hatrick avoidance” but you can’t avoid a hatrick when you didn’t even score one. Speaking of hats, Hoggy should try some to keep that egg from getting burnt.

Great discipline by the Raiders during the match.   It’s easy to have good discipline when you win 8-0 so hopefully this carries on to the tougher matches.


Nice to have our sponsors Betrimix and wild turkey back supplying us with the sweet nectar that fuels us every weekend. (cheers to Vincent for finally showing up, I think he played). Our mothers would like to thank Betrimix for keeping us hydrated during the games and the WAGs would like to thank Wild Turkey for ensuring the Raiders don’t reproduce… oh wait…

Lastly shout out to Pete and Steph who have ANOTHER child on the way. He seems excited about it I guess. And shout out to Ben and Kat who gave birth earlier this week to Phoenix, 22 lbs, 35 inches.

Also, just to get ahead of this (pun intended)


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    August 28, 2017 (10:54 am)

    Nice one, Pat. I love that fake news picture at the end, with its freeform jazz attitude to arrows meeting their label.

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