Saigon Raiders 5-0 Saigon Sa*nts


Where to start? O yeah… SAIGON IS RED!

I am writing this match rapport because I have been selected as Turkey of the match since I was wearing panty’s. Writing this and saying it up loud it makes sense, but seeing all my scrapes I think il wear a Raiders jump suit next time il play. Thanks Andy for your nomination, I believe this was the first time you even made Mr. Hung voting.

So this Saturday I played my first ashes. As history tells this is one of the most important matches of the season, if not most important!

Since the start of the game Raiders dominated and showed S@}NTS it was going to be one way traffic. Great pressure and healthy aggression made it very difficult for S@}NTS to play their game.

First goal (1-0) was scored by Rich (also known for his amazing dancing skills). He obviously saw the keeper was to far from his goal line and he managed to lob the keeper in an amazing way…..(right?!)

After the 1-0 Raiders kept pressure and quickly scored (2-0) via Hoggy. A good pass from Rich (known for his amazing dancing skills) Hoggy was able to easily find the net. After good pressure from Clemens (the guy with panty’s) he passed the ball to Hoggy who had a great first touch and an even better finish (3-0).

The S@}INTS clearly got more frustrated what ended up in a red card, but also for Graig who is the first guy getting send off for actually receiving two punches. To bad cause he played a solid first 35 minutes.

BREAK TIME: A motivational speech by coach which is recorded by Nico and can be found on website.

RAIDERS also owning the second half and showed they where able to control the game. A lot of chances and like Nico said; “They made it look like the S@}NTS don’t belong on the pitch”. After some great passing around Dan Betney was able to finish the ball into the net (4-0).

To make it even worse Edwin (the Dirty Dutch) scored one of the most beautiful goals in the history of Saigon International Football league. Edwin passed his defender by bringing the ball back over the head of the defender and then volleyed the ball from outside the box in the top corner! (5-0).

Great performance by the RAIDERS. If they keep going like this and make sure they keep improving it will be a fantastic season to come!


A big shout out to all the RAIDERS! Especially to Nico, who has to consider himself starting a new career as football reporter?  And a special mention for Jeroen (Ginger Jerry, captain) who played a fantastic game as well and unfortunately is leaving us.

3 Replies to "Saigon Raiders 5-0 Saigon Sa*nts"

  • comment-avatar
    Peter Bloor
    September 13, 2017 (12:38 pm)

    Great read, Clem, but a bad move. Now everyone knows you can write a good report you will be asked to do it all the time 😉

  • comment-avatar
    Aron Schuftan
    September 13, 2017 (12:50 pm)

    Nice one Clem! Sorry for your red card Graig!

  • comment-avatar
    September 13, 2017 (10:46 pm)

    Great match report Clem. Keep’em comin’
    Superbe job to all Raiders on and off the pitch! Also enjoyed Nicos sound-bites that were eating themselves into the Sa*nts’ open wounds.

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