SIFL 7 a-side Cup Red Team

Due to work I missed the first two games but arrived to the news that the Raiders Reds had started with a perfect record, played 2 and won 2.

A 1-0 win over Olympique A with our Dutch partners getting us off the mark, Rick scoring thanks to Clemens (the guy who wears leggings).

In our second match we were suppose to face our arch-rivals, the Sa*nts, but after last week’s hammering in The Ashes I guess they decided to stay at home and lick their wounds, leaving us to play Nam An B. The Dutch combo again linked up, this time Rick paying back the favour by setting up Clemens (you know, the guy who wears leggings) and then new far right poster boy Jon set up Scott, for which I’m sure was a screamer.

Our third game would be a hard fought draw with Sporting B, I think they only had one shot on target but scored, we didn’t play to our best but kept working hard, resulting in an equaliser from alt-right Jon, with Rick getting his 2nd assist of the day.

Due to the Sa*nts doubting they could ever play football again the SIFL All-Stars were formed and included none other than our very own Mr Luke McDonnell. The All-Stars started well by taking the lead with a well taken goal, but thanks to some great goalkeeping by Mirko (standard) we battled back to win a close game 2-1, goals coming from alt-right Jon, and Rick, both assisted, and taking his tally to 3, by Clemens (just in case you forgot he’s the guy who wears the leggings).

Lunch…I’m sure we were all grateful for the efforts of Pasta Box, and at such sort notice, proving us with well needed spaghetti bol or carbonara, nothing else worthy happened at lunch and if it didn’t, well, I can’t remember.

The last group game was against some familiar faces and some baby faces, Hotshots B, with some great goalkeeping and a handball we won 2-0, Scott with the pen, and Ben (Rubens) slotting in nicely with the assist from Craig.

Raiders qualify top of the group, 4 wins, 1 draw, with 8 goals and only 4 conceded.

Semi final time and where the stakes get high, we now faced Hotshots A, and knew it would be a close game. Hotshots took the lead and we played some good football in searching for a goal, we finally equalized when alt-right Jon took a quick pass from Scott, one touch and bang, 1-1… penalties. Now being English you’re never confident with pens, there’s doubt in our DNA, but captain Olly stepped up for the first and slotted home nicely. Mikro kept on saving, they only scored 1 and we kept on scoring, Scott with the next and the final pen was either Rick or Clem (I’m not sure, but what I am sure about is Clemens the guy who wears leggings)

FINAL…glory awaits and only Nam An B to stop us, our second meeting of the day. Both teams played well but found it hard to create chances and when they did both goalkeepers were in fine form, the 15 minutes flew by and we ended in a 0-0 draw… penalties again. Olly and his new found German ancestry took the first one again, and scored again, Scott kept his 100% record too, as did Rick, and then alt-right Jon, who said he didn’t like pens, tucked his away nicely, leaving some poor old Nam An player to go and blast the ball wide left of the goal…Raiders win, cue confetti, fireworks and dancers jumping out of cakes.

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