Saigon Raiders vs Filestring

Today the weather is very well a little bit cloudy.

Although today we lack of main player but coach Colin have gave chance to another player who exist today. New face player come with energizer.

The game start at first minute two team play with high pressure our opponent tackle closer to us. So we can’t play with our style at first 10th minutes cause Filestring new team in league come with energizer but around 15th minute of the game our strike Benny catch the ball which passed from the midfielder of the left flank, Benny catch the ball at the left flank of the box he make trick shot and dribble the ball pass another defend …. After that what a Goalll Benny kick with right foot the ball a little bit curve away from goalie hit the net…It’s Goall. Raiders 1-0 Filestring.

The second moment of the game which should be goal but it’s Failed from Turkey today, It’s me. At 20th minute of the game The Flamboyant midfield Clem catch the ball at the right flank he dribble the ball like Marc Overmar pass through one and two player our opponent try to catch up him but can’t reach that speed nearly end line he pass the ball pass defender … Goalie… arrived Benny, Benny leave it to Porr who came from the right flank with the open goal with 3 metres away from line Porr hit it out OMG…

Around 35th minute of our Flamboyant midfield Clem get the ball from the midfield dribble pass defender again till the opponent final defend slide on Clem by not touch the ball.. referee blow the whistle and point at the penalties yesss Raiders got penalties kick. Hoggy step up to hit it…Goalll Raiders 2-0 Filestring

First half Raiders 2-0 Filestring Besides that we should to cheer up our Goalie Rich who is the brave and sacrifice on the shortage Goalie today he step up to be Goalie today with no concede. Wowww also have the time to sit on the front of goal Lolll

The second half we easier to play cause our score lead them. After team talk we try to play the ball from behind to the front and yeah we can do well as we plan.

The second half start not too long 55th minute our midfielder Jon pass the ball thru the defend to the area Hoggy run up with high energy and good run line win the last defend then touch the ball face of with the Filestring Goalie then shot with direction with low level pass goalie… Goallll. Raiders 3-0 Filestring.

At this score board Colin change more new player to touch pitch Danial Wadder come in at the right side and he can play well at the right wing with his dribbling skill can pass through their defend. Around 60th minute the ball dribble from the right side by Clem, he dribble pass the right defender and then have area to cross the ball the ball curve pass thru the defender reach Danial Wadder who come inside the box, he hit easily pass the goalie Goaalll. Raiders 4-0 Filestring.

The 75th of the game we can control the game on our side although Filestring try to broke the egg but they can shot pass our Goalie Rich. After our defend gather the ball try to pass the ball from behind to front Danial Vo try pass thru like Daniinesta yep the pass the final defend And Hoggy run up again with good run today he win the last defend and face with goalie again and touch easily pass the goalie …. Goalll. Raiders 5-0 Filestring
The game is on our control Coach changes Dan Betney back on the pitch again after the first half he is tackled hard by the opponent.
At 80Th of the game Dan Betney catch the ball from the outside of the box hit with medium power included with good direction the ball curve away from Goalie Filestring hand …Goall the ball hit the inside window net.

Raiders 6-0 Filestring

Hoggy was the MOM

Porr was the turkey

Rich concede 0 Goal

High performance today


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