Saigon Raiders 12 – 0 Vietnamese team 28/10-17

It was a sunny day and a great day to play a friendly game against a team Clemens knew. Many players were on Cambodia trip so there were a few new faces playing.

The Saigon Raiders took over the match right from the beginning and we should have taken the lead by a few goals within the first 20 minutes.

We seemed comfortable on the ball and created a lot of chances. Many lads did a great job our right wing Vincent (4 goals) helped by scoring goals and the defence was well organized by Captain Ollie.

We only seemed to have some problems when we lose the ball because we play too much in the same areas instead of using the whole soccer field, switch sides and play for possession.

The lads went to heart of darkness after the game for some time to relax and chose the nominees for todays Turkey and MOTM.

MOTM was given to Vincent for great work through the whole game and scoring 4 goals. I think many players did well today, but I believe Vincent worked hard for “2×40 minutes” both ways, offensive and defensive as well. That was very great for us.

Unfortunately, was the Turkey given to me because of missing 1v1 with the goalkeeper. Should have been a goal and maybe I owe 1 or 2 more.


But, I always pay my debt ! 😛

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