Sunday Dec.3 , 2017 Saigon Raiders Vs Japan FC

On Sunday early night our team fit with quality player, we formation like 3-5-2, we fully came with confident after continue defeat 5 games and today another game we eager to keep that performance with number of quality player.

Pat Step up to be Golly today thanks Pat. We start with strong defense with 3 nations Ohashi on the Left side, Central Defense Nicolas and right defense German wall Vince. Center midfield Ben and Andy classic style midfiled, the left mid is Rich right mid is Mike and attacking mid is Clem the powerful attacking engine. Rick and Hoggy hottest striker in town on this moment.

We start first ten minutes with trouble cause Japan FC quick pass and their pace to closing down us. We got high pressure from them. Our Raiders can’t set up the game we just drive ball toward by long ball and then Japan FC can cut all the ball we cross to front so they still play on our side. Although that situation we had good counter attack one time at sixth minute Ricky rock today hit all the Japanese down and wonder pass through the Japanese defense then we heard like the engine of Royal enfield start up Fu fuuu… Hoggy start his engine drove up over the Honda then face with the Japanese golly easy hit with direction passed the Golly hit the net Yesssh our goal! 1-0

Everything felt relax more after we got the first goal. After the first goal we got more confident and on game again. Now we set up the ball on the right flank pass up to Mike to the front Japanese came to control the ball in front of their goal by not notice they will face with strong Ricky Rocky he caught the ball from them hit all the Japanese down and down… he reach the back line then cross to the front Ben coming to charge the ball hit the net by no way to save that power shot….Goal! 2-0

After the second goal we still set the ball up to shot them all to announce to Them we are the Raiders who never stop to Shot em, We was coming up to the front from the central Andy pass easy ball to Clem, Clem gather the ball and nobody can catch the ball from him with his energy burn all the Japanese defense one trigger shot and at outside the box Clem boost his power shot through the Japanese defense then pass the golly hand Hit the net again Third goal from Clem. 3-0

We still attack at the thirty-second minutes we have chance again we the left wing mike do one-two with mike then he shot hit the net it very quick moment. it’s goal the fourth goal for us. 4-0

After the fourth goal Japan FC still fight with their Japanese style, they come on the left flank very quick game we didn’t set the center back yet. They pull our focus at the left flank. They low cross to the striker then no one closing down their striker easy pass to the net by Japanese striker. They come with the silent like Ninja. 4-1

The second half start Japan FC start with new set of player they come back with eager to do the score more after they can do it on the last minute of the first half. They try to possession and play with the ball by use the quick pass and short. Around twenty-sixth of the second half they cross the ball over our defend and the striker ran to the ball Japanese striker can touch the ball before our golly reach the ball. Then they pass to the left although it’s too deep but they still ran to it but our golly also closing down to him. Suddenly Pat our golly hit to Japanese like the beast Japanese striker go down, it’s penalty. Japanese striker came up to take the penalty with calm. He easy shot on the right our golly go to the wrong direction. It’s goal for Japan FC. 4-2

Japan FC felt like they have a little hope to come back on game but after two minutes later the game is closed by Cooperate between our attacking mid Clem and Rick the ball pass through from the midfielder reach the striker Rick he try to drive through the defense and shot but it was blocked by their defender but ball bound back to Rick then Rick pass to the right flank to Clem. Clem easy touch and shot to the near post their Golly can’t afford to protect. It’s goal! 5-2

After the match we have a little do our culture ice buck throw to our Lads Jon who will leave us soon. We will meet you.

This weekend we will do the friendly game for farewell party to Jon and Arvin who will leave us on the end of this month then Christmas party and after party at HOD next.

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