2017 Beijing Viking Cup – Tour Report

  Wednesday - Off we go...   After months of waiting, it was finally departure day. We met at the airport and Hoggy showed us a video of his latest spit roast and kindly shared the spoils. Several hungry Raiders gladly tucked into his juicy leftover mutton alongside the first beers of the tour. It didn’t ... More

Raiders 2-0 Gemadept

Dear Raiders, This is the match report of the Raiders against gemedept, the raiders are a really great football team, an absolute great team. We have some of the best if not the best players in the league. The other teams are not even teams, some are ridiculous absolutely ridiculous, a total disaster.  This was the day ... More

Raiders 0-3 Olympic

Another Friday night tie against a devilishly tricky Olympique proved to be, once again, an unfortunate result for Raiders, seeing us fall 3-0. Talk about mind games, push and pull, and a bit of nasty (both discrete and blatant) tackles, coming from both clubs. Raiders started in what had been a very strong 3-5-2 ... More

Match report: Raiders 2 – 1 Japan FC

Lads, It was an interesting week. All year we have been priding ourselves on an improved disciplinary record. Well, I guess we should remember that pride comes before a fall. Two red cards in one game. Ben's over exuberance got the best of him and a Scott must have had a rush of blood to the head. I guess it didn't have ... More

Match report: Raiders 5 – 1 Arsenal Artists

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Match report: Raiders 1 – 1 Chu Van An

The Raiders played a match on Saturday March 4th 2017.  The starting 11 was Aron and Wouter up front, Pat, Luke, Craig, and James in the midfield, and Pete, Jerry, Vincent and Nano at the back.  The raiders also had Huy in net.  The bench was Hoggy, Sean, Scott, Must, and Nicolas.  Big shout out to Mic and Daniel Vo ... More

Match report: Raiders 1 – 0 Sa*nts

Friday the 24th of March was the clash of the titans; Raiders versus Sa*nts. To our and the Sa*nts liking the game took place in the evening with nice chilly weather compared to usual hot Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Although called derby, clash of titans, the game between the two biggest rivals in Saigon, long history, ... More

Match report – Raiders 3 – 1 Nam An

Admittedly, writing a match report three weeks after a game has been played adds a certain challenge to the task... What was the score? Who the hell played? How on earth did I end up writing this match report, the answer to that question still eludes me! Raiders Vs Nam An The TET holiday usually disrupts things out ... More

Match Report: YBA 3 – 1 Raiders

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Match report: Raiders 3 – 2 Local Team

Saturday 21st of January 2017 was a dark dark dark dark day for some of us…. Yes, you know where I am talking about you bastards. The unrighteous, undeserved and unjustified decision to vote for The Raven, having made a goal and an assist, to be Turkey of the Match. An absolute scandal and it makes you wonder…was there ... More