Floyd Bennit

As a long-term expat it is essential to renew your circle of friends continuously as people come and go. The Raiders have always been great for this. The friendships made on and off the pitch last far beyond borders and time. The multinational community of Raiders all over the world is something special. With Wild Turkey being our spirit and an unrivaled 25 year tradition of fun and football in Saigon, the Raiders make for the greatest and oldest football club in Saigon. You don't know what it is like unless you are a Saigon Raider. Once a Raider, always a Raider!

Luke McDonnell

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Long term friendships. A sense of belonging to something bigger. International community. Plenty of football. Overseas tournaments...

Patrick Cartier

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I love futbol. I drink beer fast. I enjoy whiskey. It is perfect.

Peter Bloor

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The club becomes your family in Saigon. We play, train and socialize together and the spirit of camaraderie is incredible. You haven't experienced a city until you have been there on a Raiders tour.

Colin Dixon

Raider since 2015

Vincent Gothknecht

Raider since 2016

Craig Armitt

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It's a family away from home. It has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world that I would never have encountered. You then get to go on three tours a year with your best friends to some of Asia's most exciting places. Without the Raiders I would probably be dead in a dumpster... or happily married. Urgh.

Wouter van Ravenhorst

Raider since 2016

Olly Dowden

CB | Captain
Raider since 2013