• March 6, 2017

    Match report: Raiders 1 - 1 Chu Van An

    The Raiders played a match on Saturday March 4th 2017.  The starting 11 was Aron and Wouter up front, Pat, Luke, Craig, and James in the midfield, and Pete, Jerry, Vincent and Nano at the back.  The raiders also had Huy in net.  The ...more
  • February 28, 2017

    Match report: Raiders 1 - 0 Sa*nts

    Friday the 24th of March was the clash of the titans; Raiders versus Sa*nts. To our and the Sa*nts liking the game took place in the evening with nice chilly weather compared to usual hot Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Although called ...more
  • February 21, 2017

    Match report - Raiders 3 - 1 Nam An

    Admittedly, writing a match report three weeks after a game has been played adds a certain challenge to the task... What was the score? Who the hell played? How on earth did I end up writing this match report, the answer to that question ...more
  • February 12, 2017

    Match Report: YBA 3 - 1 Raiders

    Now vote for a winner below.   more
  • February 12, 2017

    Match report: Raiders 3 - 2 Local Team

    Saturday 21st of January 2017 was a dark dark dark dark day for some of us…. Yes, you know where I am talking about you bastards. The unrighteous, undeserved and unjustified decision to vote for The Raven, having made a goal and an ...more
  • January 19, 2017

    Match report: Raiders 2 - 2 FCFC

    Turkeys vs Cocks Breaking from tradition I have decided to type this report up, keeping in line with improvements in modern technology. Matchday 13 and back to Chu van anh Pitch in the football heartlands of Binh Thanh district. Good ...more
  • January 10, 2017

    Match report: Raiders 1 - 3 Sporting

    Slip Ups Against Sporting The first game back after the holidays didn't prove to be one of the best from Raiders. The starting squad consisted of Mirko in nets, with Pete, Olly, Jerry, and Ohashi in the back. The midfield saw Craig ...more
  • December 20, 2016

    Match report: Raiders 2 - 3 Japan

    I woke up late. I was supposed to meet my team 11am at lobby of Saigon Sky Garden. Last night's sake was killing me, but I felt so much better having the miso soup for lunch. Today is important to us. We are sitting bottom of the table yet ...more
  • December 13, 2016

    Match report: Raiders 1 - 0 Hotshots

    After last week’s match tense and disappointing affair in which the referee was dishing out cards as gleefully as a postman at Christmas, The Raiders Ultras and WAGs who turned up were hoping for a game which was easier on the eye. ...more
  • December 6, 2016

    Match report: Raiders 6 - 1 Hong Kong Krauts

    2 games in 2 days gave us the chance to see the whole squad in action and what we are capable of. After the bad result on Friday it was time to show the German team from Hong Kong how we play in Saigon. Let’s be honest – it was not ...more


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