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Match Report
6 Raiders vs Tri Hai FC 2

17.04.22 It was Easter Sunday, the sun was setting, Japan were getting slapped by the one and (thankfully) only Fighting Cockheads FC and Eric’s nowhere to be seen but who’d surprised at that?   Sunday’s game saw us line up against the infamous back ups Tri Hai FC. Struggling for players as it was Colin made the rounds letting everyone ... More

Match Report Tuesday 15th March 2022 – Saigon Raiders 2 – Saigon S***** 0

With the 5-2 Ashes drubbing fresh in the memory, Raiders arrived at the Tri Hai stadium in confident, buoyant mood, despite the brief 48-hour respite from seeing off an always pesky Japan side. They also arrived far more sober, with ‘Christ’ and Eric smelling more like their usual Africa Lynx Christmas boxsets than the underbelly of Pasteur street. ... More

Vikings Match Report 20/11/21

The long trip to Gia Phu stadium for the Vikings ended in a respectable 2..2 draw against the home team of Wao FC. Ed Cascarino made his physical strength and determined running count with 2 goals. A fine display that fully deserved the man of the match award. A number of good displays are certainly worthy of note. The CB partnership of Matt and Rob ... More

Raiders Match report 20/11/21

Away game... this time the Saigon Raiders actually had to leave their safe haven “D2” to play somewhere where they have never seen a foreigner before, a place where the dogs are on the BBQ and where they smoke Craven instead of Marlboro Light. The Vikings drew their game so it was time for the Raiders to show them how it’s done. The game started ... More

Ew the French

Odin blessed his Vikings with a generous shower before the kick-off of match day 5.   Ew the French….  It also marked the return of coach-player-striker-keeper Jonas and as such, could be seen in the trembling hands of today's referees.  The Malay Ray was ready for today's mêlée, and was lined up on the left wing. He never quite recovered from an ... More

The Pursuit of Happiness

‘Twas a beautiful crisp, sunny, Saturday afternoon. Moral was high (whoooooo), Jimmy had turned 40, Vinny, Pat and Sven were back in the squad and from memory everyone had a big bright smile on their face… right? Captain Clem led the warm up (not before we had bullied some pre-pubescent wannabes off of “OUR” field) and got the team up to ... More

Xin Lỗi Mea Culpa

This week: yet another interesting fixture for us Vikings, the disciplined but definitely beatable Japan FC. ARE YOU READY TO EAT SOME SUSHI? More Vikings are coming back from injuries, getting fit and ready to do battle in the starting eleven, however this gives the two coaches, Nick and Jonas, weekly headaches (and scheißerei for one) towards the ... More

The S@!nts? ……. Who cares!

More of the same? You might think that when looking at the result of Vikings 2 – Saints 4. You’d be right. However, you’d be wrong too. The score was more of the same, as were the sloppy goals conceded and the lack of communication. Nonetheless, there was much to be optimistic about in a spirted Viking’s performance. The score line flatters the ... More

Der Klassiker #2

SIFL League Game It was Match day #2 in the SIFL league and it was going to be another showdown, another in house derby, another Classico between the Raiders and the Vikings.  Coach Jonas ordered all Vikings to be at the pitch again the usual 3 hours before and everyone was going to have a quick pop quiz on our playbook. And only if you got at ... More

The Bog of Binh Duong

As if we were being spat on by a thousand Covid patients, we scrambled inside. Clambering to quell the onslaught, the bar staff employed their most effective wind shield. The grating was a truly impressive marvel of engineering, designed to protect patrons from the unpredictable tropic surges of Vietnam. We weren’t to know it then but, later that day, we ... More