Match Report
6 Raiders vs Tri Hai FC 2

17.04.22 It was Easter Sunday, the sun was setting, Japan were getting slapped by the one and (thankfully) only Fighting Cockheads FC and Eric’s nowhere to be seen but who’d surprised at that?   Sunday’s game saw us line up against the infamous back ups Tri Hai FC. Struggling for players as it was Colin ... More

Raiders v Raiders February 23 2019

After a week of no training due to a showing of power of the Vietnamese army, a historical signup of 34 raiders was ready to fight for their spot in the league team for the coming clash with the Japanese. With the blazing heat of last week in fresh memory the warm-up was slow and steady, only using the centre circle for ... More

Raiders vs. Raiders Match Report 16/02/19

After a relaxing Tet holiday for most, the club lined up an all Raider’s clash for some much-needed fitness and match practice as we’re about to enter the business end of the season. As the reds and whites warmed up under the blazing sun it was clear that it was not going to be a walk in the park for either team. ... More

Match report 8 Dec

1, 2, 3 Raiders! And so the Saigon Raiders Christmas game began. The first 15 minutes both the red and white team seemed pretty evenly matched, but that would soon turn out to be irrelevant. In the 16th minute Hoggy escaped from the back of the defense with quick pace to eventually finish the ball cross ways into the ... More

Match Report November 10, 2018

There was a “football match” this past Saturday that featured the Raiders vs some team that thought they were really good and actually were decent but couldn’t seem to score because they were missing a halfway decent striker even though Scott kept getting skinned by their second rate striker and Pat had to bail him ... More

Raiders 4 – 4 AFC

"Does the Universe really revolve around me?" These SIFL-less weeks pass most Raiders by unnoticed. And they may seem of less importance. However miracles make no distinction between Santiago Bernabeu and Chu Van An, and friendlies against All Stars or cup finals against Saints. The day started off promising already, ... More

Raiders ? – ? Raiders

The Raiders woke up ready for the game against the mighty CVA FC. A match considered South East Asia’s “El Clásico”. Soon they found out the difference between dreamy expectations and harsh reality. The team ended up playing a 7 a side game against themselves because the opponents didn’t show up. Word says that ... More

Raiders 5 – 0 Raiders

While the regular schedule kept going in the SIFL, it was international break for the Saigon Raiders, as several players were convocated to represent their respective countries for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. On a hot and sweaty Saturday morning, the off-league derby opposing the Pink Raiders to the Red Raiders was ... More

Raiders 3 – 3 Sporting

After serving the Sa*nts a signature spanking the previous week, Raiders were ready and raring to give them another rogering. Taking inspiration from La Liga who will begin hosting games in the US, the sleuths at SIFL have spotted an exciting opportunity at a new location in distant Thu Duc. Overnight bags were packed, ... More

Raiders vs Sa*nts

Ali - Frasier Hulk Hogan - Andre the Giant Montagues - Capulets Raiders - Sa*nts All legendary rivalries have a special air about them. Saturday September 15th saw another story sewn into the rich tapestry that illuminates sport in Ho Chi Minh year after year. Raiders retained the Ashes, thanks largely to a rip-roa... More