No Friends on the Field

While the entire population is busy stacking up on toilet paper to fight against COVID-19, Planet Saigon stopped rotating for 80 minutes for the most anticipated match of the season. It was Saigon Raiders vs Saigon Vikings at the Thu Duc Sports University. Those two teams might be from the same club at their core, but ... More

Match Report Raiders Vikings

Match report - Raiders v Vikings After what seems like an eternity, the Saigon Raiders were finally back on the pitch to contest a league game. This Sunday was a special one as it saw the club’s two teams come face-to-face, coinciding with the final game for a Raiders legend… Who let the Raiders out…Hung…H... More


Returning from the Christmas break the coaching team were not sure what state the Raiders players would be in. Would Florian be ruled out with the latest STI outbreak? Would Foxy still fit into his shirt? and would Jimmy Q have even more wrinkles?! …. Whilst we can be certain that Jimmys looks aren’t ... More

One Club. Two Teams. One Great Weekend

With club Turkeys Jimmy Q and JD absent someone had to step in and take on the responsibility of writing this weeks match report. Nayan luckily escaping the responsibility after not making it to the after-match beers at Pasteur…. Or maybe it was always going to end up this way after some on the pitch hand bags from ... More

Raiders – Fighting Cocks

Thu Duc Sports Uni. 2:30pm on a Saturday afternoon. Enough to make the strongest of men reach for the factor 50 & seek shade for the smallest fraction of time, let alone pasty irish right-backs. "Vietnamese team, local ref lads, we know to expect 20% of the decisions", exclaimed Hoggy, blissfully unaware of how ... More

Raiders first little blip in the league

Half time came and went, and despite Coach Col trying to get us more up for it, Raiders were still struggling to increase their intensity levels and were being more than matched by the Hotshots. More

Raiders vs Japan

Raiders v Japan On a hot Sunday afternoon the Raiders warriors gathered at Thu Duc to battle the Japanese samurais. Always a tough battle. This time there was a confidence in the Raiders squad. One of them was heard chucking to himself that he was ‘giddy’ just looking at the attack formation. Game kicked ... More

Raiders vs Passion FC

It was a wet Sunday in Saigon…well after all it is rainy season. This didn’t stop the 17 hardy Raiders warriors warriors from kitting up to face the very professional looking Passion FC. Sorry. Correction. Make that 16. One very tall Dutch goalkeeper lost his watch/phone (number 6 in 2019) and confused 7:30am Sunday ... More

Match report Viking Raiders – FCFC

5 October 2019, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City The first official match in the SIFL began for the Viking Raiders, part of the Saigon Raiders, on 5 October 2019 against the Fighting Cocks. FC Fighting Cocks won the cup last season and therefore this was an interesting first match for the Viking Raiders, the match ... More

Raiders v Raiders, Saturday Sep 7, 2019

The internal battle for slots in the starting 11 of the Raiders league team is on, since pre season prep has started. Mondays HIIT sessions at SSC in D7 help the players to increase their basic and core fitness as well as their strength. Wednesdays training sessions in D4 are all about endurance, strength and getting ... More