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Raiders 3 Hotshots 4
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Gemadept, 23/02



Raiders gear up for improved second half of the season

The SIFL this year has been erratic with two teams dropping out and numerous postponements for various reasons. The final two league games of 2013 saw Raiders go down 3-0 to Japan (playing most of the second half in near darkness) and conspiring to lose 4-3 to Hotshots. Taking a look at the current league position is not particularly gratifying.


We start our reverse fixtures tomorrow and let’s remember we are closing in on March and we have to play Hiep Phu and NTV twice and there is no resolution in site to the dispute with Saints. Hotshots, NTV and Gemadept are setting the pace at the moment and are going to be hard to catch, however we still have 30 points to play for.

All the teams have been recruiting over the Christmas and TET break so its hard to know what to expect.

Buckle up Raiders, here we go again.


Notes from Manila 2013

Possibly the greatest team photo ever

Author: Craig Armitt

This may be the first tournament in which there was almost more drama before we arrived then during the actual weekend. It all started in the week leading up to the event with everyone gradually becoming aware of Typhoon Haiyan. Then on Friday morning Craig was sat at Olly’s gaff when the call came in from Luke McD…. “The flights been cancelled. We need to call everyone.” The news was taken in very different ways, Craig and Olly attempted a spontaneous joint world record attempt at the most swear words in 30 seconds, Tim was very philosophical saying that our conscience may have struggled with drinking and looking at boobs whilst people were dying whilst Vincent gave a simple ‘Ok.’ Full Post

Silly Season at Ky Hoa

The officials at Ky Hoa certainly were in the Halloween spirit this weekend providing us with a particularly gruesome specimen of a referee, a withered wrinkled bag of leather filled with bones, a horrifying voice shredded by 50 years of smoking and shouting at other Vietnamese men and a chilling interpretation of the game of football. Full Post

Raiders 4 Olympique 2

Raiders were back with a bang on Sunday defeating last years champions Olympique de Saigon by four goals to two. Full Post

Raiders crash back to earth

After what’s now basically 6 months of having our own way, and 3 consecutive league wins against the Saints, the Raiders were sent crashing down to earth on Sunday at Thu Duc Sports University. Full Post

Raiders vs Fighting Cocks

Video says it all. Thanks to Saigon Raiders media team.

The Ashes is/are ours. Raiders 4 Saints 0


Raiders confirmed at the weekend their increasing competitiveness and somewhat hard-to-get-used-to word around town as one of the favourites for the league this year. Full Post



Author: Floyd Bennit

Arriving in full colors and luggage the Raiders assembled infront of the group check-in counter of Vietnam Airlines the signage board started blinking in red and white:  WELCOME RAIDERS, SAIGON VIKING CUP DELEGATION 2013.

Full Post

Phu Quoc 2013


By Anthony Roberti

The Saigon Raiders headed to Phu Quoc Island’s Mango Bay Resort in hopes of winning the Mango Bay Cup which eluded them last season. Full Post

Raiders Smash Bayon Wanderers in Cambodia! (in the beer boat race)


By Craig “postman” “anderton” Armitt, teacher and stand-up comic. 

As the Raiders waited at the bus bleary-eyed at 9am on Friday one man was late holding everyone up… Joe Dawson. Once he finally arrived, the squad and WAGS boarded the big pink bus for the club tour of Cambodia. Full Post