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Raiders 1 - 0 Gemadept (07/12) Next fixture vs ASW 14/12 18:00 Tran Thai



Another year, another final

SIFL CUP 2014 – 2015

Yes – that’s right, the Raiders found themselves fighting for silverware once more in the annual SIFL Cup. Unfortunately, as with last season, ended up empty handed. Or did we…

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Saigon Raiders 1 Gemadept 0

The Sunday night thriller in Tran Thai… Full Post

We’re Going to the Tim Bishop! (to the tune of Candy shop)


Raiders seal their first ever point in Cambodia… Full Post

Raiders bring home first 3 points of the season

With new rules, a new pitch and new teams, the 2014/2015 Saigon International Football League season is underway.

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Raiders lose in Final of SIFL Cup 2014

sifl cup picture 2

Raiders go unbeaten all day until a narrow 1-0 in the final Full Post

Coming up: SIFL Cup, June 1st


This weekend sees the annual cup competition featuring teams from the league and others who have been invited. Click to see the rules and schedule Full Post

Shanghai Nights: The Viking Cup 2014

Squad VC 2014

Shanghai Forecast April 17th-20th

Pollution level: HIGH. Number of pissed Raiders: EXTREME Maglev: F***ING FAST

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Raiders gear up for improved second half of the season

The SIFL this year has been erratic with two teams dropping out and numerous postponements for various reasons. The final two league games of 2013 saw Raiders go down 3-0 to Japan (playing most of the second half in near darkness) and conspiring to lose 4-3 to Hotshots. Taking a look at the current . . . → Read More: Raiders gear up for improved second half of the season

Notes from Manila 2013

Possibly the greatest team photo ever

Author: Craig Armitt

This may be the first tournament in which there was almost more drama before we arrived then during the actual weekend. It all started in the week leading up to the event with everyone gradually becoming aware of Typhoon Haiyan. Then on Friday morning Craig was sat at Olly’s gaff when the call came in from Luke McD…. “The flights been cancelled. We need to call everyone.” The news was taken in very different ways, Craig and Olly attempted a spontaneous joint world record attempt at the most swear words in 30 seconds, Tim was very philosophical saying that our conscience may have struggled with drinking and looking at boobs whilst people were dying whilst Vincent gave a simple ‘Ok.’ Full Post

Silly Season at Ky Hoa

The officials at Ky Hoa certainly were in the Halloween spirit this weekend providing us with a particularly gruesome specimen of a referee, a withered wrinkled bag of leather filled with bones, a horrifying voice shredded by 50 years of smoking and shouting at other Vietnamese men and a chilling interpretation of the game of football. Full Post